Our Clients

Sterling Fluid Systems

Aarushi Software has developed a Desktop and Web based Pump Selection and  configuration tool – RAPID for Sterling Fluid Systems.  This program does the both the Hydraulic and Catalogue selections for various applications such as Multi Stage, Process, Vacuum, Side-Channel pumps. Programs works in multiple languages, produces quotes and works in various currencies and has links to their E-Business servers.

Aarushi Software Limited has previously worked with Peerless and SPP Pumps and has the knowledge and expertise of implementing their Fire Pumps ( LPC and NFPA), MultiStage-Vertical and other centrifugal pumps.

We are at present assisting Sterling SIHI to accomplish their e-business goals.

Weir Group

Weir Group is a conglomerate of engineering companies. Both Weir Pumps Ltd and Envirotech fall within the group but operate autonomously. Aarushi has worked mainly with Weir Pumps Ltd and the Weir-owned Software Services Company in the developemnt of GLIDE v3.x – Development of a pump selection, configuration and pricing quotation tool. There are two versions of this product, one used for internal use only with the configurator, pricing, etc. and the other for promotion.

Grundfos, ABB, BTG, Mono Pumps

We have the expertise of having worked with the following major companies in producing software selection catalogues.

Grundfos: WINCAPS v7.0 – Hydraulic and Catalogue Selection
ABB: ABBStal – Compressor Selection
BTG: SCV – Control Valve Selection
Mono Pumps Ltd: Pump Selection

Solutions provided are both desktop and web based.

General and Engineering Computer Services – England

General and Engineering Limited used to be a subsidiary of Parkman Groups, who are one of the major civil engineering companies in the United Kingdom. We have the experience of working with their various engineering software products and were involved in the development and integration of various engineering software tools used in the building and construction industry.